Feature selection

Using an available library for feature selection based on Genetic algorithm feature selection (sklearn-genetic-opt)

The idea is to make it generic and easy to use with the terminal and with logging possibility. A GUI with Napari is planned as next project

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Feature selection


Genetic algorithms (GA) Feature Selection based on sklearn-genetic-opt


Parser for command-line options is implemented


Example with new environment named feature_selection

conda create -n feature_selection -y

conda activate feature_selection

conda install pip -y

pip install -r requirements.txt

Script: GA_based_selection.py

Run in the terminal:

  • For help: python GA_based_selection.py -h

  • Run with: python GA_based_selection.py with the appropriate arguments


python GA_based_selection.py -g 5 -p 10 -c 0.2 -m 12


'--generations', '-g', default=5
'--population_size', '-p', default=8
'--crossover_probability', '-c', default=0.1
'--max_features', '-m', default=10


A log file and csv files are generated with parameters and selected features. Some plots for evaluation are also created.

Miguel Fernandes
Miguel Fernandes
Senior Data Scientist at BetterDoc

My interests include neuroscience, education, artificial intelligence and genetics.